About Life & Science Productions

freelance science journalist and writer Els van den Brink

Els van den Brink graduated with a PhD in Biochemistry.
In 2005, after a course in science journalism
and a few months of work experience at the editorial board of the magazine C2W,
she started working as a freelance science journalist.

Initially, Els gained extensive journalistic experience by working for several local newspapers.
Over time, she fully focused on science journalism,
particularly in the fields of chemistry and life science, biomedical and biochemical research.
Els writes articles both for professional journals and popular magazines.

Since 2008, Els also regularly writes texts for companies working in the same field,
both in Dutch and English.
Examples include press releases, newsletters, flyers and website texts.

Els van den Brink lives in Gouda (the Netherlands), is married and has four children.

For a detailed CV, please send an email to info@lifescienceproducties.nl.